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Planet Tattoo Studio - Bromsgrove Planet Tattoo Studio - Bromsgrove


Your Future In Tattooing Starts Here

You don't need any formal qualifications to work as a tattoo artist, However, The Tattoo Training Centre is working closely with one of the UK's leading certification bodies to offer you and accredited certificate in tattooing. This Tattoo course was written by us and submitted to the awarding panel where it was registered..
Tattooing is a highly skilled job for which training and experience are essential. The Tattoo Training Centre allows students to gain the skills and techniques to gain a foothold in to this enjoyable and rewarding art..





Facing redundancy?

If you are being made redundant or been issued notice of redundancy there may be financial assistance with the course fees.
Please call us for more info. (07938 369053)


Training Room

Over the last few years tattooing has become increasingly popular and with apprenticeships been very hard to come by as lead to increased opportunities in the tattooing trade. Tattooist have always been protective of there skills they have gained over years and are reluctant to pass them on, those who do want apprentices at least want you to know the fundamental techniques of tattooing.
The Tattoo Training Centre offers a professional training in a friendly relaxed environment. Your tattoo training will be delivered by tattoo artists with years of tattooing experience.
The Tattoo Training Centre offers various levels of training 1 day, 3 days 1 week, 2 weeks and 6 weeks.
The Tattooing Training Centre is proud to be part of one the UK’s best Training providers and have been delivering high quality training courses since 2004.
Not only our trainers professional tattooists but your work will be overseen by qualified assessors so you can rest assured your tattoo training will meet the high standards set out by our awarding bodies.
The Tattoo Training Centre staffs all follow the company’s equal opportunities policy.
We look forward hearing from you and help you achieve your ambitions

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